Ooh ! Aah ! Cantona
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1300 drums featuring The unjustfied anicients of m u

Ooh ! Ah ! Cantona ( Radio edit)
Ooh ! Ah ! Cantona ( Cantona Kicks)
Ooh ! Ah ! Cantona ( Cantona Chants)
Ooh ! Ah ! Cantona ( Ooh ! Ooh ! Ooh ! )
Ooh ! Ah ! Cantona ( Join In The Chant)

"1966 was a great year for English football.
Eric was born."

NIKE advertising slogan, 1994

"1995 was a great year for English football.
Eric was banned."

T-Shirt Slogan,on sale at Man C.,Leeds,Liverpool etc, 1995

"When the sagulls follow the trwler it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea."
Eric Cantona addressing media,after escaping jail sentence,1995


World Cup Dance 2006
Manchester United Number One (A Fans Anthem )
Come On You Reds
Football Classics
The Red Album
Eric The King
We're Gonna Do It Again
Ooh ! Aah ! Cantona
Sing Up For The Champions !

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