Eric The King
6 มกราคม 2549 12,837

The K-Stand feat. Pete Boyle

OOH-AH, Eric Cantona
Eric The King
Man. United Medley
Allo allo we're the Basby Boys , Eric the king , When the Reds go marching in ,We're Man.U. & proud , The Red flag will never die

We'll drinka drinka drinka
To Eric the king , the king, the king
He's the leader of our football team
He's the greatest French footballer
That the world has ever seen

Eric the king, he's remarkably trendy
He's done some modelling around town
Wearing the best suits up on the catwalk
Whilst the Leeds fans they just frown on the field
It's almost unreal
Some of the things that Eric dose,
Superb overhead kicks,remarkable back flicks
I'm sire the guy just takes the Mick.

He once played for Marseille,
But never for Arsenal or Liverpool
Or even Man. City
Landed in Yorkshire,A terrrible blunder
Which wasd ten month with the seep
He had his brief spell there with the Leeds lot
But then he realized that they were has beens
Only one way now,for Eric to go now
To the Theatre Of Dream

Eric is so cool ,remarkably cultured
Helikes good music and poetry too
Performing the fine arts on the field
For the boys called Man. U
He is a legend without any doubt
He will reign for years to come
We will just stand there in admiration
With countless more trophies won.

The end of Novenber.
We'll always remember
As the tome he made that special move
Poetry in motion, the deadliest potion,
He's got nothing left to prove.
The king's still our hero. As well as De Niro
But this ain't movies this is real life
He won't leave United
For that we're delighted
Because this club's his perfect wife.


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สนาม Murrayfield Stadium, สกอตแลนด์
รายการ ปรีซีซั่น
วันที่ 20 กรกฎาคม 2567 เวลา 22:00 น.

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